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Jeffrey Allis, owner of TruVine Design and Biophilic Store, is a passionate Biophilic Designer and Horticultural Consultant. By implementing biophilic design in various spaces, this allows for sensory, emotional, and satisfactory fulfillment while providing individuals with visual elegance and functional air purification. 


TruVine Design specializes in interior and exterior green wall, landscape, patio, and rooftop design. By adding plants to hospitality, commercial, and residential locations, TruVine Design aims to enhance the built environment while using biophilic aspects to connect humans with the natural world. Biophilic principles create positive energy and strong psychological value in the urban built environment. TruVine Design's sophisticated yet simplistic fusion of nature and natural elements create an oasis of tranquility. 

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Biophilic Store was created to connect consumers with products such as plants, pottery, lanterns, and furniture. By incorporating these products within human filled spaces, Biophilic Store aims to enhance and create dynamic environments through the interaction of humans and elements of the natural world. We take pride in sharing & Recommending plants & plant products used by professional biophilic designers. These are the products we love and use at TruVine Design. Welcome to the Biophilic Design world!

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