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Léon & George

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

By adding greenery and plants to indoor spaces, Léon & George aims to connect individuals with nature while simultaneously enhancing spaces and supporting businesses, communities and the environment.

Léon & George offers a variety of premium high-quality plants designed to survive in indoor settings. The company allows customers to select plant type, plant size, pot style, and pottery color of choice. The plant is then potted, styled, and delivered directly to your door.

In addition to potting and delivering custom-selected plants, Léon & George includes detailed plant care tips specific to the plant type in order to ensure the plant is properly taken care of. This includes light, water, and humidity requirements.

For every plant for every plant sold by Léon & George, the company donates funds to plant a tree in a U.S. National Forest. This helps offset carbon dioxide emissions, positively impacting our environment.

Snake Plant in Pot

Visit our Plant shop to purchase Léon & George's Plants.

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